Music and Sounddesign for an original dance piece directed and choreographed by Yeri Anarika for Production Center of Contemporary Dance (CEPRODAC), Mexico City, Mexico.

2016 | Dance


music and sounddesing for a dance performance directed by Tilman Hecker, choeographed by Lynsey Peisinger at Radialsystem V, Berlin, Germany. more...

2016 | Dance, Installation, Performance


music & sound design for a performance project directed by Tilman Hecker at Watermil Center, New York, USA more...

2014 | Dance, Performance

Sequined Seed pply & Supafly rmx

appearance on the compilation “Music Dances Itself” by Junko Wada released on Sonic Arts Network London, UK more...

2006 | Dance, Discography

Jack & Water

music for a ballet by Ronald Savkovic at the Miami Hispanic Ballet Festival, USA

2005 | Dance

La Femme Nue Debout

music for a ballet by Ronald Savkovic at the Magazin der Deutschen Staatsoper Unter den Linden Berlin, Germany more...

2005 | Dance

On Hold/A.Hakui01

appearance on the compilation “Absolute Zero” by Karas/Saburo Teshigawara released on Charrm-Records London, UK more...

2001 | Dance, Discography

Our Short Lives

music and sound design for a dance film by Birgit Kniep more...

1996 | Dance, Film

Chidori – Crazy Heat

assistant to Hans Peter Kuhn for a dance piece with Junko Wada at Institut Unzeit Berlin and Pumpe Kiel, Germany

1994 | Dance