design and development of a set of multichannel tools for Ableton Live, released for download at yarhammer.com

2016 | Miscellaneous


music & sounddesign for a radio play at rbb radio berlin directed by Tilman Hecker based on “LTI – Lingua Tertii Imperii” by Victor Klemperer.

2016 | Miscellaneous

Pergola 3.1

24 channel audio installation for the International Summer Festival at Kampnagel Hamburg, Germany.

2015 | Installation, Miscellaneous

[k]f SV13

fanfare for the International Summer Festival Kampnagel, Hamburg

2013 | Miscellaneous

Wattmeer Film

music & sounddesign for an image film by duncanmccauley for the National Park House Wadden Sea, Germany

2013 | Film, Miscellaneous

Robert Wilson – Nothing

music and sounddesign for a performance by Robert Wilson based on John Cage “Lecture On Nothing”. Jahrhunderhalle Bochum, Festspiele Berlin, Teatro Colón Buenos Aires, Festival Musica Strasbourg, and more. more...

2012 | Miscellaneous, Performance, Theater

Live at the European Film Awards 2009

live performance with bauhouse more...

2009 | Miscellaneous, Performance

Audi Sinfonie – Shanghai

live performance with Bauhouse and the China Philharmonic Orchestra at the Shanghai Oriental Art Center, Shanghai, China.

2009 | Commercial, Miscellaneous, Performance

Audi Sinfonie – Riga, São Paulo & Berlin

live performance with Bauhouse for Audi at the Latvian National Opera, Riga, Lithuania, the Ibirapuera Auditorium, São Paulo, Brazil and at Kraftwerkt Rummelsburg, Berlin, Germany more...

2008 | Miscellaneous, Performance

Audi – Geneva Auto Salon 2008

sound design for the Audi appearance at the Geneva Auto Salon, Switzerland

2008 | Commercial, Miscellaneous


sound design for a permanent video installation by Duncan McCauley at the Jewish Museum, Berlin

2008 | Installation, Miscellaneous


live audio/video performance with Bauhouse at the 2007 Berlin Buenos Aires Art Exchange (bbax), Buenos Aires, Argentinia more...

2007 | Miscellaneous, Performance

Audi Sinfonie – Paris & Buenos Aires

live performance with Bauhouse at the 2007 Audi talents awards show at the Grand Palais in Paris, France and for the 10-Year-Audi-Argentina-Anniversary at the Facultad de Derecho/Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentinia. (site…)

2007 | Miscellaneous, Performance


educational sound design workshop and performance for primary and secondary school students of Berlin with the Zukunft@BPhil Project of the Berliner Philharmoniker

2006 | Miscellaneous


live audio and video performance with Bauhouse at Audiovisiva festival Milan, Italy

2005 | Miscellaneous, Performance


software development of a audio/video-performance-instrument for Bauhouse, Berlin

2005 | Miscellaneous

CBL Loop Tool

software development of a live-looping performance software for Conrad Bauer, Germany more...

2004 | Miscellaneous

Le Haareem

sound desing for a fashion show by Haarald Glööckler/Pompöös at the Jewish Museum, Berlin

2004 | Miscellaneous

Buchbinder concert

sound supervision for an open air concert by Rudolf Buchbinder at the Jewish Museum Berlin for McKinsey & Company

2004 | Miscellaneous

Pompöös Trachten Show

music for a fashion show by Haarald Glööckler/Pompöös at P1, Munich

2004 | Miscellaneous

Manila Sound Workshop

conduction of a sound design workshop at Sinag Arts Foundation produced by the Goethe Institut Manila, Philippines more...

2004 | Miscellaneous

Nexxus Haus

music and sound design for a presentation by Floor5 for Oldus GmbH, Frankfurt

2003 | Miscellaneous

Echtzeit 24

software development for a sound installation by Hans Peter Kuhn at Zeche Göttelborn, Germany

2003 | Installation, Miscellaneous


software development for a sound installation by Hans Peter Kuhn, Berlin

2003 | Installation, Miscellaneous

The Soulhunter

sound design for an animation film by Christine Rebet, Paris

2002 | Film, Miscellaneous

Kuvenstar Site

sound design for a web presentation of the Kurvenstar club-restaurant, Berlin

2002 | Miscellaneous


music and sound design for the online presentation of Pisa Repository Technologies GmbH by Floor5, Berlin

2001 | Commercial, Miscellaneous

Die Brut

sound design for an online presentation of the pr-agency “Die Brut” by Floor5, Berlin

2001 | Miscellaneous

Spek – A Macro Playstation

music and sound design in cooperation with Daniel Ganz for a performance/installation by Enric Ruiz-Geli/Cloud9 at Metronom Barcelona, Spain and Aedis East Gallery, Berlin

2000 | Installation, Miscellaneous


music for an interactive-cd by Bildbau Media for MAP GmbH, Berlin

1998 | Discography, Miscellaneous

Saints and Singing

live music (drums) for a play by Gertrude Stein, directed by Robert Wilson, music by Hans Peter Kuhn, Hebbel Theater Berlin, and touring Frankfurt, Mulhouse and Taormina

1998 | Miscellaneous, Theater


limited edition 8cm compact disc single release by Jiri.ceiver for the 1st Berlin Biennale more...

1998 | Discography, Miscellaneous


installation by jiri.ceiver at the 1st Berlin Biennale, Kunstwerke Berlin

1998 | Installation, Miscellaneous

Untitled Self Portrait

installation by jiri.ceiver at the group exhibition “Contemporary.Self.Portraits” curated by Jens Hoffmann at Sean Kelly Gallery, New York

1998 | Installation, Miscellaneous